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5 Seconds of Summer photographed in Sydney, Australia - February, 2014

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October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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There is someone out there for everybody.

It just might be a goose.

October 21, 2014
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but scruffy Luke in autumn who wears big cozy flannels and walks over to you with a huge fuzzy blanket draped around him like a cape and he just plops himself down on the couch with you and he begs you to cuddle which you eventually give in and he nuzzles his face into your neck and you feel his stubble tickle you and as he’s drifting off to sleep he hugs you tighter to his body and mumbles a content ‘I love you’



October 21, 2014
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Anonymous said: Has any of your friends called you fat, or implied your gaining weight? if so, howd you deal with it? my friend just told me i need to lose weight.. );


Yeah.. I was with my friend (that i no longer speak to) and we were sitting on her couch, and my shirt lifted up, and she turn and looked at me and said “Ohmygod! you’ve got stretch marks!” mind you these “Stretch marks are on my hips… jut like every other girl out there… and i turned and told her “i’m sorry that MY body is too impulsive for you” and i got up and left. People will probably think that i overreacted but i was JUST starting my recovery from my eating disorder, and i didnt really need that negativity in my life. and nether do you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT.

-Ally xx

October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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i’m not crying there’s a drumstick in my eye

October 21, 2014
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I just laughed a little too much

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October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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beard babe i love

October 21, 2014
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